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Taking the time to recommend a home pro with a video will help everyone in our video referral network. By recording a video of your home project from your phone and telling us about your contractor experience,  we can all  learn specific details about local contractors that can’t be obtained from a written review. As an online referral community, we can all play a role in finding trusted contractors that are willing to adhere to our network’s H.I.R.E. (Honesty, Integrity, Reliability and Excellence) standards.

Video reviews are a powerful medium and more effective way of holding business owners to H.I.R.E. standards. They provide more insight and finer details than written reviews. Homeowners are able to see the work that was completed and hear about the experience of working with a contractor. 

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From Video Reviews to Video Bids

Finding service pros with our free service provides homeowners an opportunity to post any type of job request on and receive 3 video bids back from local pros on behalf of, When it comes to the work performed, allows users to give video feedback.

All of the tools in this contractor referral network provide valuable accountability . Since contractors know that all jobs booked through can be  subject to a video review from Video Review It, contractors are more apt to provide a clean, organized and detailed job.   

We all know how important it is to check reviews and references.  Video testimonials will spread the message about the  company.  When you book your next project with Video A Pro, your pro will want to provide excellent service to be displayed on video.  

When giving a video testimonial, you are not required to go on camera.  Our community is interested in seeing the completed work and hearing what you liked best about the service you received from your pro.