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“Finding the Best of the Best One Customer at a Time”

Your Word Of Mouth video network starts with turning your customers into “Raving Fans” with By loading your customer list into this tool, you can now empower your customers to take action on your behalf and share the work you just completed with their family, friends, and everyone in our video referral network. This tool is backed with our email video tracking service and a phone video collection tool that will make it easy for customers to shoot and share their video testimonials from their phones with a simple click.  

The network tools offered by WOMLET are designed to encourage users to take the next step which involves submitting their review through our Video Review It tool.  This provides an opportunity for homeowners and contractors to submit a video testimonial that reviews the scope of the job. Video reviews allow for a much more detailed and genuine portrayal  of the work done and service delivered. It enables the best contractors to standout from their competitors. 

How Can Video Review It Help?

The benefits for companies that embrace collecting unique content systematically are numerous. Video Review It can help you build valuable video libraries, strengthen your website, drive ongoing growth of your digital footprint, and create opportunities to promote more word of mouth business. In addition, celebrating your best jobs through the eyes of your customers is a great way to connect with a rapidly growing video review search market. Best of all, once your profile is set up, this service can be activated with a couple of customer names. 

Our video review platform on is supported by the research team at WOMLET. As video testimonials start to come in week after week, our video marketing experts and professional writers will make sure your paragraph messaging and picture branding fields are kept up to date to meet business needs and market changes. 

This invaluable tool will help in numerous ways:

  • Turn past customers into referral agents by simply empowering and encouraging your customers to share video messages with others.

  • All video collections and video distributions are backed with Google analytics reports and our job booking technology.  

  • A professional video editing and marketing team are ready to turn your customer video messages into compelling independent third party endorsement video messages that speak about your company and the work performed. This content is subsequently shared throughout your entire digital footprint. 

  • As videos start to come in, each video will bolster your online profile in our word of mouth network and enhance your company’s chances of winning bids on lead sites in this network. 

  • As more testimonial videos are submitted, they will be reviewed, edited and posted to your website and social media footprint based on your monthly service plan. 


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