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“One Click Estimating”

Don’t waste time driving hours every day to give in-person estimates. With Video Bid It, you are able to submit video estimates with the click of a button. You will be able to bid on real jobs that potential clients send via video. They will provide you with all the necessary information you need to provide an exact or estimated price. Once you are successful in your bid, the homeowner will be able to contact you and provide you with any additional you may need. It really is that simple to give estimate future jobs.

Our Terms and conditions have you protected, homeowners understand that we have actual and quick bids. An actual bid tells the customer I will do the job at the video price, a quick bid provides the customer with some insight on what it could cost and is typically backed with a range and request to see job or need more information to put in actual bid. This request should be shared in your video quick bid video estimate. 

Your Bids Are Backed By Your Customers

To activate this service you must have at least three video testimonials. Why?  Our network works on the power of word of mouth referrals. Every time we send a homeowner a video bid on their project they will also receive real and verified video reviews from your clients. This allows you to instantly build a level of trust with the homeowner that would otherwise be impossible. Not only do people hear what it is like working with you, but they also get to see the work you produce. No written review can do this. Our service is based around the collection of video reviews and helping you drive more word of mouth leads.